DeStack: What's New for your AWS Stack

DeStack: A tool to help you understand what's new for your AWS stack


Struggling to keep up with AWS?

filtering AWS what's new against your stack template

AWS has a terrific rate of innovation, which is amazing when you are building a new system. But, how can you keep up with it all? which updates are relevant to my systems? DeStack is a tool to help you with that! by showing you the updates that matters to you.

With infrastructure-as-code you can define your entire architecture using text. DeStack can analyze CloudFormation or Terraform templates and tell you what's new for your stack. Just paste your stack below, and hit "What's new?"


wait, how does this work?

Deconstruction is a process that has been applied to philosophy, and food - to understand something anew by looking at its parts. DeStack applies this same thinking to deconstruct your AWS Stack. DeStack uses the "Map Of Computing Architectures" (Moca) to understand your stack. It then finds the latest relevant news to your stack.

Having a way for you to see what's new for your stack will help you in multiple ways:

I hope DeStack is useful to you, if you spot any problems, or improvements that could be made please contact me by email (mocagon at