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Amazon Web Services

AWS regions:

List of regions
Name Year
Africa (Cape Town) (af-south-1) 2020
Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) (ap-east-1) 2019
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) (ap-south-1) 2016
Asia Pacific (Osaka) (ap-northeast-3) 2018
Asia Pacific (Seoul) (ap-northeast-2) 2016
Asia Pacific (Singapore) (ap-southeast-1) 2010
Asia Pacific (Sydney) (ap-southeast-2) 2012
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) (ap-northeast-1) 2011
Canada (Central) (ca-central-1) 2016
China (Beijing) (cn-north-1) 2013
China (Ningxia) (cn-northwest-1) 2017
Europe (Ireland) (eu-west-1) 2007
Europe (London) (eu-west-2) 2016
Europe (Milan) (eu-south-1) 2020
Europe (Paris) (eu-west-3) 2017
Europe (Stockholm) (eu-north-1) 2018
Germany (Frankfurt) (eu-central-1) 2014
GovCloud (US-East) (us-east-?) 2018
GovCloud (US-West) (us-west-?) 2011
Middle East (Bahrain) (me-south-1) 2019
South America (São Paulo) (sa-east-1) 2011
US East (N. Virginia) (us-east-1) 2006
US East (Ohio) (us-east-2) 2016
US West (N. California) (us-west-1) 2009
US West (Oregon) (us-west-2) 2011

AWS products covered in AWS Poster:

List of products
Prefix Name Description Year
Amazon API Gateway API gateway 2015
Alexa for Business (A4B) digital assistant 2017
AWS Amplify App Framework/Runtime 2017
AWS App Mesh service mesh 2018
AWS App2Container (A2C) migrate applications into containers 2020
Amazon AppFlow API/SaaS data sync 2020
Amazon AppStream 2.0 application UI proxy 2016
AWS AppSync GraphQL based sync. 2017
AWS Application Discovery Service (App. discov.) application survey 2016
AWS Artifact compliance evidence 2016
Amazon Athena SQL queries over storage 2016
AWS Audit Manager continuously audit AWS use 2020
Amazon Augmented AI (A2I) human review of ML predictions 2019
Amazon Aurora Aurora relational database 2014
AWS Auto Scaling automated provisioning 2018
AWS Backup data backup 2019
AWS Batch batch job management 2016
Amazon Braket quantum computer 2019
AWS Budgets budget management 2015
AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) SSL/TLS certificates 2016
AWS Chatbot chat enabled operations 2017
Amazon Chime video conferencing/chat 2017
AWS Client VPN (Client VPN) VPN for users 2019
AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) infra as code (imp) 2019
AWS Cloud Digital Interface (CDI) uncompressed live video transport 2020
Amazon Cloud Directory directory/tree db 2017
AWS Cloud Map service discovery 2018
AWS Cloud9 Cloud IDE 2017
CloudEndure DR & Migration 2016
CloudEndure DR data replication for DR 2020
CloudEndure Migration data replication for migration 2019
AWS CloudFormation infra as code (decl) 2011
Amazon CloudFront CDN 2008
AWS CloudHSM hardware security module 2013
Amazon CloudSearch search engine 2012
AWS CloudShell browser based OS shell 2020
AWS CloudTrail operations planes audit log 2013
Amazon CloudWatch monitoring 2009
Amazon CloudWatch Logs (CW Logs) monitor and store logs 2014
AWS CodeArtifact software package repo 2020
AWS CodeBuild continuous integration 2016
AWS CodeCommit git repo 2015
AWS CodeDeploy deployment 2014
Amazon CodeGuru code performance review 2019
AWS CodePipeline continuous delivery 2015
AWS CodeStar integrated sdlc 2017
Amazon Cognito login/registration 2014
Amazon Comprehend Text understanding 2017
AWS Compute Optimizer Automated vm selection 2019
AWS Config config management db 2014
Amazon Connect customer contact center 2017
AWS Control Tower multi-account governance 2019
AWS Controllers for Kubernetes (ACK) use AWS service in Kubernetes 2020
AWS Cost & Usage Report CSV usage data 2015
AWS Cost Anomaly Detection (CAD) detect unusual spend 2020
AWS Cost Explorer cost visualization 2014
AWS Data Exchange dataset marketplace 2019
AWS Data Pipeline data orchestration 2012
AWS DataBrew visual data prep. tool 2020
AWS DataSync data transfer 2018
AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) Database migration 2015
AWS DeepComposer ML musical keyboard 2019
AWS DeepLens ML camera 2017
AWS DeepRacer ML r/c car 2018
Amazon Detective security investigation 2019
Amazon DevOps Guru operations anomaly detection 2020
AWS Device Farm mobile testing 2015
AWS Direct Connect private connectivity to AWS 2011
AWS Directory Service identity & access 2014
Amazon DocumentDB document database 2019
Amazon DynamoDB key-value/document db 2012
Amazon ElastiCache in-memory cache 2011
AWS Elastic Beanstalk application runtime 2011
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) virtual storage device 2008
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) virtual machine 2006
Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) container registry 2015
Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) container management 2014
Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) NFS storage 2015
Amazon Elastic Inference ML GPU accelerator 2018
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) container management 2017
Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) load balancer 2009
Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) distributed data processing 2009
Amazon Elastic MapReduce Studio (EMR Studio) IDE for distributed data processing 2020
Amazon Elastic Transcoder transcode video/audio 2013
Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Elasticsearch) search engine 2014
AWS Elemental Appliances & Software (Elemental Appliances) video processing 2019
AWS Elemental Link transfer live video device 2020
AWS Elemental MediaConnect transport broadcast video 2018
AWS Elemental MediaConvert video/audio transcode 2017
AWS Elemental MediaLive live video transcode 2017
AWS Elemental MediaPackage live video packaging 2017
AWS Elemental MediaStore video storage 2017
AWS Elemental MediaTailor targeted adverts in video 2017
Amazon EventBridge event bus 2019
Amazon FSx for Lustre Lustre File Server 2018
Amazon FSx for Windows File Server (FSx for Windows FS) Windows File Server 2018
AWS Fargate serverless container 2017
AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS) fault injection experiments 2021
Amazon File System (FSx) third-party file systems 2018
AWS Firewall Manager firewall management 2018
AWS Fleet Hub for AWS IoT Device Management (Fleet Hub) monitor health of IoT fleet 2020
AWS Fleet Manager manage server fleet 2020
Amazon Forecast Time-series forecasting 2017
Amazon Forecast Weather Index improve forecast accuracy with local weather information 2020
Amazon Fraud Detector fraud detection 2019
Amazon FreeRTOS real-time OS for microcontrollers 2017
Amazon GameLift game servers 2016
AWS Global Accelerator anycast proxy over AWS 2018
AWS Glue extract/transf/load (ETL) 2016
AWS Ground Station satellite connectivity 2018
Amazon GuardDuty security detection 2017
AWS HealthLake health data lake 2020
Amazon Honeycode no-code spreadsheet based apps 2020
AWS IQ marketplace for certified consultants 2019
AWS Identity & Access Mgmt (IAM) identity & access 2010
AWS Inferentia ML inference chip 2018
Amazon Inspector security assessment 2015
Amazon Interactive Video Service (IVS) managed live streaming 2020
AWS Internet of Things Core (IoT Core) internet of things 2015
AWS IoT 1-Click button triggers lambda 2017
AWS IoT Analytics IoT data analytics 2017
AWS IoT Core for LoRaWAN (IoT Core 4 LoRaWAN) IoT connectivity to cloud 2020
AWS IoT Device Defender (IoT Defender) IoT device audits/monitor 2017
AWS IoT Events IoT event bus 2018
AWS IoT Greengrass cloud features on device 2016
AWS IoT SiteWise IoT site/facility analytics 2018
AWS IoT Things Graph IoT message broker 2018
AWS IoT device management (IoT device mgmt) IoT fleet management 2017
Amazon Kendra ML powered search engine 2019
AWS Key Management Service (KMS) key management 2014
AWS Keyspaces Cassandra compat. db 2019
Amazon Kinesis stream processing 2013
Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics analyze streaming data 2016
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams video stream processing 2017
AWS Lake Formation data lake management 2018
AWS Lambda function runtime 2014
Amazon Lex Speech understanding 2016
AWS License Manager license management 2018
Amazon Lightsail virtual private server 2016
Amazon Location Service Maps & Location Services 2020
Amazon Lookout Family anomaly detection 2020
Amazon Lookout for Equipment (Lookout 4 Equipment) defective equipment detection 2020
Amazon Lookout for Metrics (Lookout 4 Metrics) metric anomaly detection 2020
Amazon Lookout for Vision (Lookout 4 Vision) defect detection using images 2020
Amazon Lumberyard game engine 2016
Amazon MQ message broker 2017
Amazon Macie data classification 2017
Amazon Managed Blockchain Blockchain network 2018
Amazon Managed Service for Grafana (AMG) visualize operational data 2020
Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus (AMP) container monitoring 2020
AWS Managed Services (AMS) managed service provider 2016
Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK) stream processing 2018
Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA) workflow management 2021
AWS Marketplace IT marketplace 2012
Amazon Mechanical Turk (Mech. Turk) human workers 2005
AWS Migration Hub migration management 2017
Amazon Monitron predictive equipment maintenance 2020
Amazon Neptune graph database 2017
Amazon Neptune ML graph neural network 2020
AWS Network Firewall layer 3-7 network protection 2020
Amazon Nitro Enclaves isolated compute environment 2020
AWS OpsHub for Snow Family (OpsHub) device management GUI 2020
AWS OpsWorks managed Chef/Puppet 2013
AWS Organizations cross-account governance 2016
AWS Outposts AWS in your data-center 2018
AWS Panorama computer vision appliance 2020
AWS Personal Health Dashboard (PHD) status dashboard 2016
Amazon Personalize recommendations 2018
Amazon Pinpoint user messaging 2014
Amazon Polly Text to speech 2016
AWS Price List AWS pricing data 2015
AWS PrivateLink (PrivateLink) private connectivity in AWS 2017
AWS Proton containers/serverless deployment service 2020
Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) Blockchain Ledger 2018
Amazon QuickSight business intelligence 2015
AWS Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) OpenShift APIs on AWS 2021
Amazon Redshift Data warehouse 2013
Amazon Redshift ML ML Data warehouse 2020
Amazon Rekognition image/video understanding 2016
Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) relational database 2009
Amazon Relational Database Service for MariaDB (RDS for MariaDB) MariaDB relational database 2015
Amazon Relational Database Service for MySQL (RDS for MySQL) MySQL relational database 2009
Amazon Relational Database Service for Oracle (RDS for Oracle) Oracle relational database 2011
Amazon Relational Database Service for PostgreSQL (RDS for PostgreSQL) PostgreSQL relational database 2013
Amazon Relational Database Service for SQL Server (RDS for SQL Server) SQL Server relational database 2012
AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) cross-account sharing 2018
AWS Resource Groups group resources with tags 2014
AWS RoboMaker robotics 2018
Amazon Route 53 DNS 2010
Amazon SES email send/receive 2011
Amazon SageMaker ML IDE 2017
Amazon SageMaker Pipelines CD/CD for ML 2020
AWS Savings Plans compute discounts 2019
AWS Secrets Manager secrets database 2018
AWS Security Hub cross-service security view 2018
AWS Security Token Service (STS) credential vending 2013
AWS Server Migration Service (SMS) server migration 2016
AWS Serverless App Repository (SAR) serverless marketplace 2017
AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) framework for building serverless apps 2016
AWS Service Catalog private IT marketplace 2015
AWS Service Quotas service limit management 2019
AWS Shield DDoS protection 2016
Amazon Sidewalk edge of home network 2020
Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) pub/sub messaging 2010
Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) message queue 2004
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) object storage 2006
Amazon Simple Storage Service Glacier (S3 Glacier) data archival 2012
Amazon Simple Workflow ⧗ (SWF ⧗ ) coordinate tasks 2012
Amazon SimpleDB document database 2007
AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) cross-account sign-on 2017
Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) digital assistant apps 2015
AWS Snow Family portable storage/compute 2015
AWS Snowball portable storage 2015
AWS Snowball Edge portable storage/compute 2016
AWS Snowcone portable storage/compute 2020
AWS Snowmobile shipping container truck 2016
AWS Step Functions coordinate serverless 2016
Amazon Storage Gateway caching storage proxy 2012
Amazon Sumerian virtual reality IDE 2017
AWS Support support/help 2008
AWS Systems Manager (SSM) operations tools 2014
Amazon Textract image to text 2018
Amazon Timestream Time series database 2018
Alexa Top Sites ⧗ (Top Sites ⧗ ) web page ranking 2006
Amazon Transcribe speech to text 2017
AWS Transfer Family FTP/FTPS/SFTP to S3 2018
AWS Transfer for FTP FTP 2020
AWS Transfer for FTPS FTPS 2020
AWS Transfer for SFTP SFTP 2018
AWS Transit Gateway (Transit Gateway) network hub 2018
Amazon Translate text translation 2017
AWS Trusted Advisor product best practice 2012
AWS VPN Site-to-Site (VPN S2S) VPN for your networks and AWS 2019
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) virtual network 2009
AWS Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypted tunnels for users and networks 2019
AWS Wavelength AZ at the mobile edge 2019
AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) web app firewall 2015
Alexa Web Information Service ⧗ (AWIS ⧗ ) www index 2004
AWS Well-Architected Tool (WA Tool) architecture best practice 2018
Amazon WorkDocs document sharing 2014
Amazon WorkLink internal website proxy 2019
Amazon WorkMail email/calendar 2015
Amazon WorkSpaces virtual desktop 2013
AWS X-Ray instrumentation 2016