AWS Directory Service

AWS Directory Service: identity & access


AWS Directory Service

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Products that are often seen with AWSDirectory Service, descending order of frequency:

Product seen with
Prefix Name Description
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) virtual machine
Amazon WorkSpaces virtual desktop
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) virtual network
Amazon Relational Database Service for SQL Server (RDS for SQL Server) SQL Server relational database
AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) cross-account sign-on
Amazon Chime video conferencing/chat
AWS CloudFormation infra as code (decl)
Amazon Connect customer contact center
Amazon QuickSight business intelligence
Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) relational database

Products that are related in Moca:

Related products
Prefix Name Description
AWS CloudTrail operations planes audit log
Amazon Cognito login/registration
Amazon Detective security investigation
AWS Directory Service identity & access
Amazon GuardDuty security detection
AWS Identity & Access Mgmt (IAM) identity & access
Amazon Inspector security assessment
AWS Organizations cross-account governance
AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM) cross-account sharing
AWS Single Sign-On (SSO) cross-account sign-on
AWS Control Tower multi-account governance
AWS Security Hub cross-service security view
AWS Security Token Service (STS) credential vending