Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Elasticsearch)

Amazon Elasticsearch: search engine


Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Elasticsearch)

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Products that are often seen with Amazon Elasticsearch, descending order of frequency:

Product seen with
Prefix Name Description
Amazon CloudWatch monitoring
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) object storage
Amazon Kinesis stream processing
Amazon Redshift Data warehouse
AWS Identity & Access Mgmt (IAM) identity & access
AWS Key Management Service (KMS) key management
Amazon DynamoDB key-value/document db
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) virtual storage device
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) virtual machine
AWS CloudFormation infra as code (decl)

Products that are related in Moca:

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Prefix Name Description
Alexa Web Information Service ⧗ (AWIS ⧗ ) www index
Alexa Top Sites ⧗ (Top Sites ⧗ ) web page ranking
Amazon CloudSearch search engine
Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Elasticsearch) search engine
Amazon Kendra ML powered search engine