Amazon SageMaker Pipelines

Amazon SageMaker Pipelines: CD/CD for ML


Amazon SageMaker Pipelines

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Products that are often seen with Amazon SageMaker Pipelines, descending order of frequency:

Product seen with
Prefix Name Description
AWS CodePipeline continuous delivery

Products that are related in Moca:

Related products
Prefix Name Description
AWS Amplify App Framework/Runtime
AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) framework for building serverless apps
AWS Proton containers/serverless deployment service
Amazon Honeycode no-code spreadsheet based apps
AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) infra as code (imp)
AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS) fault injection experiments
AWS Cloud9 Cloud IDE
AWS CloudShell browser based OS shell
AWS CloudFormation infra as code (decl)
AWS CodeBuild continuous integration
AWS CodeArtifact software package repo
AWS CodeCommit git repo
AWS CodeDeploy deployment
AWS CodePipeline continuous delivery
AWS CodeStar integrated sdlc
Amazon SageMaker Pipelines CD/CD for ML
Amazon CodeGuru code performance review
AWS X-Ray instrumentation